1. Transversal Actions

The Municipality of Sassuolo has organized transversal activities involving all three MEDA municipalities project co-leaders . These activities have regarded governance of the territory and promotion and implementation of a sustainable urban development strategy. The activities focused on:
– Collection of data in co-leader cities of MEDA partner territories regarding:
Risks and opportunities of the territory of reference;
Uses and customs, exploitation of the territory;
Demographic scenario/development prospects;
Environamntal areas endangered by human activity (pollution, water purification, waste etc.) and natural elements (hydro – geological instability, flooding etc.);
– Analysis and study of the data collected;
– Drafting of a first report on fundamental issues and possible lines of development for the territory and the city of reference.
– Assessment of most important experiences with a view to transfer of methodology;
– Technical seminars in each co-leader MEDA city in order to illustrate the most important experiences completed in Sassuolo and to illustrate the methodologies used with regard to urban planning, mobility policies, environmental and historical-cultural enhancement policies, implementation of urban  re-qualification policies.