3. Training path

The training path  has been composed by sessions articulated in two local courses  held in Amman (Jordan) and Agadir (Morocco), respectively in March 2010 and June 2010.The courses have been open to MEDA municipalities involved through the twinning process. The beneficiates were civil servants belonging to such municipalities and selected on the basis of the courses contents. The Training Path on Local Governance is conceived as a comprehensive and integrated one taking into consideration the three pilot projects results in order to go back to the methodologies lying behind them. The course is a combination of presentation, workshops and training on the topics of the seminar, including analysis of training needs, defining learning objectives. In particular, the courses last three days in Amman and four days at the last meeting in Agadir. The thematic of the two training paths, a part from the pilot project contents, were mainly focused on the networking GEMM , communication strategies and European funding and instruments in the field of mobility, transport and cultural heritage.