2. Pilot Project

The general approach to governance of the territory established by the Municipality of Sassuolo has been pursued via the organization of initiatives focusing on means of solving specific problems regarding urban policies. These initiatives has seen the transfer of know how to MEDA municipalities by Italian local authorities which have tasted the effectiveness of such problem solving activities in their territories.
For the purpose of the Pilot projects, the Italian-MEDA partners have been matched as follows:
Municipality of Agadir (Morocco) – Province of Salerno: transfer of a PIT (Integrated Territorial Plan) governance model whose aim is to promote territorial resources and thus to develop sustainable tourism for the purpose of economic recovery;
Municipality of Ortakent Yahsi and other cities (Turkey) – Province of Potenza : transfer of knowledge to labour and social policy sector executives regarding means of improving the matching of demand and supply of skills in the labour market inn such a way to encourage a lowering ofc the frictional employment rate and to encourage an enhancement of skills among disadvantages members of the population;
Municipality of New Al Hashimyeh (Jordan) – Province of Cagliari: transfer of a planning model regarding sustainable transport and mobility.
Each pilot project has been implemented in each of the MEDA co-leader municipalities. The Pilot Projects have also included 3 seminars open to MEDA observers from both partner authorities and associate players.