GEMM Final meeting

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The 11th of June, in Agadir, more than 70 delegates representing local entities from 8 countries of the Southern and Middle-Eastern shores of the Mediterranean formalised the Constitution of the GEMM Network (GEMM: Governance Empowerment Network Model), a network that is part of a Project funded by the European MEDPACT Programme.
The Network establishes cooperation between Italy and Mediterranean countries, from Turkey to Morocco, in the three topics of mobility-transport, sustainable tourism and promotion of tourist and cultural attractions, and the labour market.
The General Meeting, formally constituted by the numerous present delegations, nominated Giovanni Avanti, President of the Province of Palermo, to head the Presidency of the Network together with the Mayor of the Municipality of Agadir, Tariq Kabbage.
The Network will be an important tool for bringing together shared needs, interests and projects in the context of European neighbourhood programmes for cooperation and other financial instruments aimed at promoting the new Euro-Mediterranean policy.
The Network was also created with a Technical Secretariat composed, in its turn, by important cooperation networks between local entities. The latter include the TECLA Association, EUPOLIS (Observatory of Euro-Mediterranean Policies for Development and Local Innovation, an Association of Territorial Entities promoted by the Campania Region), the Latin Arch Association, the Adriatic Ionian Arch Association, and the Maghreb Association for Human Resources Development (AMDRH) with its headquarters in Tunis.

The GEMM Network represents the final outcome of the GEMM Project, started in 2006 and concluded last June in Agadir. The Project, proposed in the framework of the MEDA Programme (Mediterranean Economic Development Area), was aimed at creating a Mediterranean model of o governance empowerment model in the countries around the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

This initiative’s objective was to improve the local governance capability of the MEDA Municipalities involved in the Project and to encourage the North-South exchange of expertise in order to meet common challenges on a joint basis and to contribute to reciprocal knowledge between different cultures and societies but so closed and linked by centuries of shared history.
In relation to these concerns, feasibility studies and 3 pilot projects have been carried out in the MEDA territories aimed at the transfer of governance models from an Italian Province to its Partner from the southern shore of the Mediterranean. Each pilot project was concerning one of the up mentioned topics.
Besides the pilot projects, along the Project realization, a twinning process was set up.  This aimed to extend the process of GEMM Project affiliation to other local authorities in the MEDA area.

Since the beginning, the GEMM Project has boasted a wide partnership composed by Municipalities, Provinces and Local Body Associations from Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey along the southern shores of the Mediterranean, and, from Italy, the Municipality of Sassuolo as Project leader, the TECLA Association and the Provinces of Cagliari, Potenza, Salerno and Syracuse. The Network was formally constituted through the signature of a Protocol drawn up in Italian, French and English. As well as explaining the aims of the Project and the GEMM Network, the document consists of 10 articles defining the advantages deriving from membership and identifying the bodies by which the Network is structured.

Joining the GEMM Network, the Technical Secretariat will provide its members with a cooperation platform offered by EUPOLIS Association.
Today, the Network has established with the perspective of developing relations of cooperation on the already mentioned topics and of extending the cooperation to other thematic areas. It represents a starting point aiming to provide, through a process of steady expansion, an important reference point for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.
To conclude, the Network, a part from its individual members it is composed of, will give voice to the sum of the diverse experiences providing an opportunity for territorial development, support and collaboration in the process of cooperation required by the Union of the Mediterranean.

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