GEMM Project TRAINING PATH MEETING June 2010 Agadir, Morocco

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Training path

Tuesday, 8 June

09:00-09:30   Registration of participants

09:30-10.30    Welcome addresses: Local Political representatives

10:30-10:45    Introduction: Overview and perspectives of GEMM project
Miss Evelina Fortunato, TECLA Association

10:45-11:45    Dialogue process between local authorities and citizenship:
Monitoring and communication for urban planning and policies realization (PART II)
Miss Elena Lolli and Miss Rebecca Pavarini, Municipality of Sassuolo

11:45-12:00    Coffee break

12:00-12.45    Twinning experts activity methodology
Mr Ahmed Hamma
Mr Aykut Oncel
Mr Ahmad Affash Al Harahsheh

12:45-13:15     Presentation of the Gemm network
Miss Ilaria De Nicolais, EUPOLIS Association

13:15-14:30     Lunch

15:00-16:00    Gemm network  tools: practical training session with Mrs Ilaria De Nicolais and Mrs Evelina Fortunato

17 :00               Visit of the Musée Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh of Agadir

21h                    Dinner

Training path

Wednesday, 9 June

09.30-10.30    An example of local urban and tourist development: the case of Matrouh Governatorate
Mr Alaaeidin Abdelshakor and Mr Hamad Khaled, Matrouh Governatorate

10.30-11.30    Function of local authorities for the development of territorial marketing and transversal actions
Mr Nuhad Abdallah, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Academic Unit for Scientific Researches, Lattakia, Syria

11.30-11.45     Coffee Break

11.45-12.45    Function of local authorities for the development of territorial marketing and transversal actions
Mr Felice Vertullo, Professor of Tourism Marketing at the University of Perugia and Director of the UNESCO Association for the South Italy

12.45-13:30    Best practices of Diagnostic and Restoration Strategies for Sustainable Conservation
Mr Luciano Cessari , Senior researcher CNR National Research Council (Italy)

13.30               Lunch

17:00               Visit at one of the traditional house in the Souk Elhad, the traditional big Moroccan market

21h                   Dinner

Training path

Thursday, 10 June

09:30-10:15     Innovative model for Governace and Local Authorities
Cooperation: Informative Geographical Systems  for cultural heritage valorization
Mr Salvatore Vigliar, Director of “EUPOLIS – Observatory of the Euro-Mediterranean policies for development and local innovation”

10:15-10:45      Presentation by Agadir Municipality
Mr Azzam Boujemma, Agadir Municipality

Pilot Project presentation on the restoration of the Agadir Kasbah

10:45 – 12:30    Mr Ruggiero Bignardi, Manager of the Heritage Museums and Libraries of the Province of Salerno
Mr Azzam Boujemma , Agadir Municipality
Mr Oumlil , Université Ibn Zohr Agadir

12:30-12:45        Coffee Break

12:45-13.30    Training and labour market in the context of the cultural heritage restoration
Mr Abdessalem NAGAZI, President of the AMDRH – l’Association Maghrébine de Développement des Ressources Humaines –

13:30               Lunch

17:00               Visit of the Kasbha of Agadir
Visit of the Tifnit Village, a typical fishermen beach 30 km far from Agadir

21h                   Dinner (proposition by the Municipal Council)

Final Meeting

Friday, 11 June

09:30-10:00   Open addresses by Moroccan representatives

10:00-10:30    Arco Latino: a Project of Network enlargement in the Mediterranean
Miss Elena Apollonio, Province of Turin

10:30- 11:45    Speech by  Mr Ziad Moussa, European Commission technical assistance

11:45-12:00     Coffee Break

12:00-12:30    Speech by Municipality of Sassuolo and Tecla Association
Mr Mario Battello, Director of TECLA Association

12:30-13:30     Election procedure and nomination of the first GEMM Network President and of the 3 Commissions Presidents

13:30-14:30     Final ceremony for the GEMM network adhesion
(Mediator: Mr Salvatore Vigliar, Director of  “EUPOLIS – Observatory of the Euro-Mediterranean Policies for Development and Local Innovation”)
Speach by the Project GEMM co-leaders representatives, Ortakent Yahsi, Agadir and New Al Hashimieh
Adhesion certificates delivery : signatures and addresses by each of the local MEDA representatives

14:30                 Lunch

Late in the afternoon        Visit of the Jardin d’Olhao and  of the La Medina de Coco Polizzi

21h                    Dinner

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