Management meeting among Italian Partners

Posted by gmm.admin on April 16th, 2008 filed in Senza categoria

On the 6th of February 2008 a meeting among all the Italian Partner of GEMM was held in Rome (Italy), with the aim of discussing the state of the art of the project  and the future development of the activities.

In particular, the partners agreed on an updated calendar of the project activities for the year 2008, regarding in particular the organisation of the remaining mission to the three co-leader cities (New Al Hashimieyh, Ortakent Yashi and Agadir) and of the meetings of the second Transnational Steering Committee and of the First Twinning Committee.

Moreover, the partners discussed at length several proposal for the activities related to the Twinning Process (WP2) and several administrative and financial matters.

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